Special Need Volunteering Tanzania

Special need volunteering project in Tanzania is one of the most popular projects we have in Tanzania. Volunteers are placed in special need schools located in the out-skate of DAR-ES-SALAAM city. An increase in the number of special need children in Tanzania has made our special need project very popular.  This rapid increase in special need children requires special attention like availability of proper equipment to help the children. There is an awesome reward out of our special need volunteer project in Tanzania. Volunteers are advised to set a target of making a visible difference during their volunteering tenure.  These visible differences include- effectively teaching a child how to eat, how to brush teeth, how to walk, and the like.

Special need volunteering Tanzania requirements

If you are above 18 years and can communicate in English, then you qualify for this program. It doesn’t require special skills, training or education in special need for one to be able to take part in this project. However, it is advised to volunteer to work for 4 weeks for a positive outcome. However, volunteers can still achieve an acceptable impact even after committing for less than 4 weeks. We don’t reject volunteers having less than four weeks, as long as they are committed to making a difference.

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Special need volunteering Tanzania, time and location

This Special need volunteering Tanzania project is located in Dar-Es-Salaam, the capital of Tanzania. Dar-Es-Salaam is the biggest city in Tanzania. It is the economic heartbeat of Tanzania. Dar-Es-Salaam offers easy access to any other part of the Country. It is a place to be for complete Tanzanian experience. Our Special need volunteering Tanzania is design to allow eight hours of volunteering during weekdays, setting aside weekends for other adventures. If your goal is to volunteer abroad and make the most of it, then Special need volunteering Tanzania project is for you.

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