Free volunteering policy is our priority at KIVOLEX. We believe that volunteers shouldn’t be charged anything when they decide to volunteer. Most Organisation don’t offer volunteering for free, they charge lots of money to volunteers. We are able to keep our cost low because we only charge for your living expenses. Other organisation fail to keep volunteers fee low because they charge a lot as administration fee. At Kivolex are quite different free volunteering in Tanzania is paramount for us. We are only charging our volunteers what is necessary for the stay and volunteer in Tanzania. This is evidenced in our low volunteer free.

Our volunteering for free policy states that volunteer should only be charge for accommodation, food, airport pick up, and small allowance for staff who will be taking care of him. Every person with the will and desire to volunteer should be given the chance to volunteer. We are happy to see all people volunteering, whether rich or poor. Our free volunteering policy target those who cant afford but still want give back their skills and knowledge. We are a type of organisation that will give you value for your money. Accommodation, food, and other services we are offering to you are far better compared to the amount you pay. This is basically the reason we call our program free volunteering programs.

free volunteering tanzania africa


We are offering these free volunteering programs since 2010. It is now over years since we started helping people volunteer for free. We are the only organisation in Tanzania that offer volunteering for free programs. We are very proud for doing this because we have managed to even those who couldn’t afford to volunteer. Our goal is to see more and more people especially you people volunteer. Youth is the right and perfect aged to volunteer. However we have to understand that most youth are not financially fit to cater for huge cost. Hence the introduction of volunteering for free is inevitable. We are here to make volunteering affordable to everyone.

If interested, checkout our volunteer opportunities in our site.

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