Medical Volunteer Opportunities Tanzania

Medical Volunteer Opportunities Tanzania Programs is a very rewarding program as it offers volunteers an opportunity to give back in a sector both the Government and the Country, in general, are struggling the most. Thousands and hundreds of Tanzanian die every year due to lack of proper medical care and equipment. Medical volunteer opportunities Tanzania programs offer volunteers an opportunity to save lives and be part of the team that brings a smile to the faces of needy Tanzanian. It is paramount to note that you don’t need to be a medical doctor or a medical student to enroll in this program. It’s not mandatory to be medically qualified for enrollment in the program. However, volunteers may not be allowed to take part in actual treatment if they are unqualified. Medically unqualified volunteers will take observational and assisting roles in areas where expertise is needed.

 Medical volunteer opportunities Tanzania program Activities to expect

Our medical volunteer opportunities Tanzania program gives an opportunity for volunteers to do the following roles among others.

At KIVOLEX VOLUNTEERS, we make sure that, volunteers attending our medical volunteer opportunities Tanzania program have an experience of a lifetime. You will volunteer in a hospital for around eight hours a day, 5 days a week. During the weekends and evening time of the week, volunteers are free to go for outings, safari, and tours. Our Medical volunteer opportunities Tanzania program is taking place in Tanzania’s capital, Dar-Es-Salaam. Dar-es-salaam is not only the capital but also is in close proximity to so many tourist attractions. These tourist attractions which include Zanzibar Island and Mikumi national pack are ideal places for volunteers to visit during weekends.

medical volunteer opportunities Tanzania

Heath is one of the UN Millennium development goals. Taking into consideration how developing countries like Tanzania are affected by the issues of health, there is every lesson why you should take part in this program. Taking part in this health program is taken as showing your support to the UN, in accomplishing its very crucial millennium development goal. Don’t miss this opportunity, sign up today and be our healthcare volunteer.