Arts and Music Tanzania Volunteer Projects

    Are you a creative and creative person who wants to help others achieve their artistic ambitions? The KIVOLEX provides exciting opportunities for volunteering in the arts and music for individuals to share their creative aspirations with communities, youth and young people around the world.

    KIVOLEX operates voluntarily in Tanzania, Brazil, Ecuador and Jordan. Each program is unique in location and culture, from music and fashion therapy to creative and music offices.

    As volunteers in the arts and music industry, we play a key role in helping communities and young people access creative opportunities and enjoy the benefits of artistic expression.

    • Choose from four art programs in four locations around the world
    • Suitable for creative people who want to help others through art and music
    • Develop professional skills and use your creativity in planning activities and lessons
    • Find an internationally recognized TEFL online course at a discounted price

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    What to expect from our Arts and Music Volunteer Tanzania Projects

    KIVOLEX offers unique job opportunities abroad for anyone who wants to study music, share creative aspirations or encourage others to develop their talents. Each of our programs is regional and focuses on local culture.

    • Brazilian Carnival: This unique project focuses on Rio Carnival, one of the largest festivals in the world, which is expected to attract more than 2 million visitors. This includes clothing, tank support and choreography. This project is a special event, so dates change annually and are available between October and February.
    • Jordanian Arts and Music: Volunteers in this project help refugee children use creativity to raise awareness about a variety of social issues. Organize creative workshops addressing issues such as diversity, gender equality and climate change.
    • Ecuadoran musicians: If you are considering studying music abroad, this project is for you. Staff can use their musical skills as a philanthropic force to help local students express themselves by exploring new sounds and instruments.

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    Why get involved in Arts and Music Volunteer projects abroad?

    It is important that children have a creative and practical experience that is a satisfying learning experience. But in many low-income communities, art and music are not part of the curriculum and are not a priority.

    As a music and arts specialist from abroad, we help local teachers create art programs. Bring creativity and unique skills to teach young people the importance of art and music. Creativity, whether it be playing guitar, singing or mixed art.

    Your volunteer work will help support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals # 3. Health and Wellness #4. And  Better Education.

    The KIVOLEX program is run year-round and is suitable for designers who want to participate in a variety of projects and help others achieve their artistic ambitions.

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