Wildlife and Animal Care Volunteer Programs Tanzania

Do you want to volunteer with animals abroad or participate in wildlife protection around the world? The Volunteer Wildlife and Wildlife Welfare Program enables volunteers in Tanzania to support local initiatives to protect endangered species, protect the natural environment and ensure the survival of abandoned or rescued animals.

KIVOLEX offers a volunteer animal welfare program that is affordable in key locations in Africa, like Tanzania, Europe, Asia, Central America, North America, South America, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Working with livestock and wildlife plays an important role in conserving the planet’s biodiversity, from wild elephants and white rhinos to elephants, rhinos and buffalo.

  • Choose from 22 wildlife conservation programs in 16 locations around the world
  • Suitable for animal lovers working and those who love the outdoors
  • Provide essential ranch services or support wildlife conservation efforts in Tanzania
  • Learn about animal behavior and conservation techniques from local experts

wildlife and animal care volunteer support

Difference: Animal Care and Wildlife Conservation Tanzania

KIVOLEX receives various contributions for animal welfare throughout the year. Whether you want to help local wildlife or volunteer in a real farm, we have dealt with you.

People interested in direct contact with animals can participate in a voluntary animal welfare project in South America, Central America, Africa or Europe. . . . Here we volunteer at the cat and dog kennels to feed, care for and play with these animals in Tanzania.

If you are looking for opportunities for veterinary vaccination abroad, we have a popular veterinary donor program in Tanzania and Jamaica to assist you with vaccinations, treatment, tests and more.

Our wildlife charity includes education, monitoring and conservation. You can protect nature, learn about wildlife conservation and animal behavior. Various initiatives from elephant conservation in Portugal to wildlife conservation in Tanzania and water sources in Victoria state.

Or if you want to save your life underwater, KIVOLEX offers marine turtles and marine conservation courses in places like Belize, Tanzania, Spain and Zanzibar.

 wildlife and animal care volunteer opportunities

Why volunteer with animals abroad?

There is more than one million endangered animal species in the world. Our mission is to take action to protect wildlife around the world when human activity destroys habitats and threatens biodiversity.

Exporting wildlife is a great way to protect and preserve animals and their habitat for years to come. As an animal protection worker, your efforts help support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal # 15: Living Off the Planet.

Animals like cats and dogs face very different problems. These valuable creatures are often abandoned by their owners. They are usually placed in facilities with limited resources, unable to provide adequate care and support. Volunteering  in Tanzania at zoos helps you rehabilitate injured and lost animals and keep them in loving new homes.

wildlife and animal care volunteer program